GPO Enumeration

PowerView Enumeration

Get list of GPO in current domain.

Get-NetGPO -ComputerName dcorp-student1.dollarcorp.moneycorp.local
Get-GPO -All (GroupPolicy module)
Get-GPResultantSetOfPolicy -ReportType Html -Path C:\Users\Administrator\report.html (Provides RSoP)
gpresult /R /V (GroupPolicy Results of current machine)

Get GPO(s) which use Restricted Groups or groups.xml for interesting users


Get users which are in a local group of a machine using GPO

Find-GPOComputerAdmin -ComputerName student1.dollarcorp.moneycorp.local

Get machines where the given user is member of a specific group

Find-GPOLocation -Username student1 -Verbose

Get OUs in a domain

Get-NetOU -FullData
Get-NetGPO -GPOname "{AB306569-220D-43FF-BO3B-83E8F4EF8081}"
Get-GPO -Guid AB306569-220D-43FF-B03B-83E8F4EF8081 (GroupPolicy module) 

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